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 Hello, amd welcome to Rave! This site is devoted to my personal favorite manga, Rave Master! Don't know what "manga" is? No problem! Just browse around this site, and you'll know all about manga, and one of the best, Rave master!

Ill mainly use this site to talk about Rave Master, but I will also talk about other "manga" and "anime", like Inuyasha.
 Manga is a type of Japanese comic. Unlike English, which is read from left to right, Japenese is read from right to left, meaning that action, sound effects and word balloon order are completely reversed....somthing which can make readers unfamiliar with Japenese feel pretty backwards themselves! For this reason, Manga, or Japenese comics published in the U.S. in english have traditionally been published "flopped" - that is, printed in exact reversed order, as though seen from the other side of a mirror.
 By flopping pages, the U.S. can avoid confusing readers, but the compirimise is not without its downside. For one thing, a character in a "flopped" manga series who once wore in the original Japenese version a T-shirt emblazoned with "MAY'' (as in the merry month of)  Now wears one which reads "YAM". Additionally, many manga creators in Japan are themselves unhappy with the process, as some feel their mirror imaging of their art reveals otherwise unnoticible flaws or skews in their perspective.
 Anime is much like manga, but its in a moving motion. Otherwise, Animation + Manga = Anime. My personall favorite anime is Inuyasha, but my favorite manga is rave Master.  
Secret Page This is off the subject - but there is a secret page on this website. To find it you have to find the secret link. Trust me, it won't take you more than 30 seconds. :)