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Whats new?
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Here is what Ill show you whats new about Rave Master.

On this page, Ill tell you what news there is about Rave Master. There might be news about graphic novels, the anime, or any other thing that has somthing to do with Rave Master. If I have time, there might be some info on Inuyasha.






Tokyopop plans


Hit Boys' Action Property to Boast DVD Release, Cine-Manga(tm) Books and Expansive Licensing Program

TOKYOPOP Inc. has a few words for Licensing International attendees: It's time for the Rave-olution! The leading U.S. publisher of manga (graphic novels) is pleased to announce its comprehensive launch plan for Rave Master--the year's hottest animated action/adventure series for boys, currently airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. Already a top-selling TOKYOPOP manga series, the Rave Master property will virtually explode in the coming months with DVDs, Cine-Manga and a full-scale licensing program in the works. The following is a summary of the exciting initiatives planned:

DVD Release - This October TOKYOPOP debuts Volume 1 containing the first two episodes of Rave Master. The epic quest follows young Haru Glory on his journey of adventure and self-discovery. Joined by Elie and Plue, two truly unique companions, Haru travels the globe to retrieve the powerful Rave Stones necessary to defeat the malevolent Shadow Guard.

Cine-Manga - Also launching this October from TOKYOPOP is the first Rave Master Cine-Manga-a unique action-filled blending of the show's full-color screen-captured images complimented with text balloons taken from the original script.

Master Toy Licensee - As previously announced, Hasbro will draw upon its 80 years of experience to develop a comprehensive line of Rave Master themed action figures, games and accessories.

Interactive Wall Calendars - Avalanche, who has manufactured star-studded products for Teen People, Time-Life and the U.S. Olympic Soccer team, will use their expertise to create Rave Master calendars. Each calendar will include 50 stickers featuring Rave Master's eclectic characters.

Squishy Toys - Dark Horse, renowned for their hot comic book series based on Hell Boy and Star Wars, will develop a collectible squishy toy based on Griff, the fiercely loyal companion to Elie and Plue.

Bedding & Home Décor - Jay Franco and Sons, Inc, a leading manufacturer of home products, is coming out with an eye-catching line of Rave Master bedding, bath and beach towels.

Apparel - Top manufacturer Mad Engine has been tapped to create Rave Master t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Motion-Activated Games - Toy Quest, among the world's largest private makers of electronic games and toys, will use its 30 years of expertise to develop two motion-activated Rave Master games: an interactive headset LCD game and an interactive game played through a motion-sensored accessory.

"Rave Master's uniquely layered world of quests, characters and journeys presents some incredible merchandising opportunities," said Kathryn Klingler, TOKYOPOP's Licensing & Merchandise Sales Director. "We are delighted to have signed on so many pros, and we are excited at the prospects of more to come."

Also a hit in its native Japan, the Rave Master property has spawned 23 graphic novel volumes, a successful animated TV series and video games for PlayStation and Game Cube overseas.